My friend TV Jones makes the best guitar pickups you can buy and also manufactures his own iconic guitars. He is the set-up guru for Brian Setzer among other famous top-tier musicians. You know, guys like John Fogerty etc. 

Here I am with the great Duane Eddy in Nashville. He was the originator of the big guitar sound instrumental.

I opened a club show in Nashville that featured LeRoy Parnell and Rodney Crowell. These guys are awesome.

I started a rockabilly band in the mid-1980s called The Edsels. We had a lot of fun, but eventually family life called and I quit playing and gigging for a number of years.

Here I am opening the Nashville show with Victoria Amp CEO Mark Baier backing me up. It was a fun night! Here we are playing Caldonia.

Here I am with John Hiatt after a show in Sacramento. I first met John back in 1986 when he came to the Palms Playhouse in Davis. I video taped the show and did an interview with him too. I was planning to do a TV program on the Palms but life got in the way of that! T-Bone Burnett first told me about John. I opened for T-Bone at the UC Davis Coffee House in 1983. 

Here I am with the famous Leland Sklar. He played bass for just about everybody in the 1970s. No kidding, Google him. He is a great guy.

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By the mid-2000s, I missed music and got back in touch with my friends in the industry. This lead to bringing my Elvis act to a couple of the LA National Association of Music Merchants shows. Here I am with Adrian Belew of King Crimson.

Here is Jim Messina playing my guitar. He really liked the sound of the TV Jones T-Armond pickups. Oh, and he sounded pretty good too...

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jim Kouzes of the Leadership Challenge fame. What a great guy. He is so authentic and full of wonderful stories about people who are good leaders. He also makes clear that ANYONE can be a leader if they embark on that journey.

As The Edsels were coming to a close, the band morphed into the swing/blues band The Hucklebucks. I played with them on a number of their early shows. 

Here I am with Fred Gretsch of the Gretsch guitar and drum company. To say I am a Gretsch guitar fan is an understatement.

Here I am hanging out with John Sebastian of the "Lovin' Spoonful." He played "Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind" on my guitar for the NorCal Gretsch Together. He was awesome. This guitar has a lot of mojo now after having been played by John and also Jim Messina.

Tom Moore Is Northern California's Guitar Playing Elvis Tribute Artist

Here I am with Fred Gretsch of the Gretsch guitar and drum company. To say I am a Gretsch guitar fan is an understatement.

I'm Tom Moore and I have been playing guitar since I was 9 years old. Here I am at my first actual gig at my Jr. High School in Palo Alto CA. My first guitar was a 1965 Fender Mustang. My main wish at this point in life was to grow into the shirt I was wearing!